What is AVATAR?

A dictionary definition of AVATAR is an embodiment of personification as of a principle, attitude or view of life.

The Explorer EDEN definition is a person who exhibits some or all of these qualities: an expert in their field, humanitarian, visionary, mentor, inspiring, creative, engaging communicator. An AVATAR may come from many walks of life, in any type of industry, culture, ethnicity or religion. They embrace the values of Explorer EDEN’s AVATAR: Awakening, Vision, Alive, Transparency, Aspire, Respect.

Awakening – Being a source of inspiration to motivate students to be open and excited in exploring knowledge.

Vision – Sharing talents, skills and knowledge in creating a better world.

Alive – Infusing excitement into learning.

Transparency – Clear and confident communication with students, faculty and community.

Aspire – The sky is the limit.

Respect – For yourself, people close to you, people new to you, the environment and the world.

For more information on becoming an AVATAR contact us at info@explorer-eden.com

Explorer Alive is the headquarters for Explorer Experience operations but it’s more than executive office space. It’s a center for innovation. It’s a place where ideas aren’t just studied; we take ideas from concept to implementation. In some cases, the project goal is for the entity to become self-sustaining and independent of Explorer funding.